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“I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of speakers to amplify their presence, develop great content, and create lasting transformation for their audience members. I recently had the opportunity to speak alongside Leisa Peterson at an industry event, and I can unequivocally say she is one of the most magnetic speakers I’ve ever watched. 

From the moment she steps in front of an audience, she radiates bright white light and love, knows how to speak compassionately to the conversation in her audience members’ heads, and tells stories that expand the mind and permanently embed in the heart as they expand the soul. Her teachings at the intersections of financial abundance and spirituality are unique, practical, and highly effective. 

Leisa is an absolute treasure and I recommend her without reservation to meeting planners, event organizers, and corporate and association leaders.” 

~Alexia Vernon, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Media Contributor

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As the host of a top 100 podcast on iTunes, I have done over 500 interviews with internationally-known experts on the topics of abundance, entrepreneurship, happiness, and neuroscience.  In preparation, I have read thousands of books on these topics and you will be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive book on the subject of limiting money beliefs than The Mindful Millionaire.  Leisa has dissected limiting beliefs from every possible angle and helps you to understand exactly WHY you may not be reaching your financial goals.  She then goes on to give you a comprehensive tool with her iPROSPER 8-step process.  If you would like to go to the core of your mindset issues around abundance and shift your limiting beliefs once-and-for-all, then The Mindful Millionaire is a MUST-have for your library.”  

~ Dana Wilde, Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain and Host of Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs


Looking for an engaging speaker at your next event?

 The presentations I give are fun and interactive, and will keep a crowd entertained! My talks inspire creativity, momentum, and action. By combining together my financial expertise and real-life application of spiritual insights, audience members will be guided through mindset shifts, wealth building strategies, and what it really takes to create an optimal life. I’ve given presentations to groups ranging from a few people to audiences of over 800. 

Presentation Topics

  • How to Become a Mindful Millionaire
  • The Millionaire Paradox: The (Real) Secret to True Wealth
  • 3 Steps to Improving Your Relationship with Money
  • Reset Your Money and Business Mindset
  • Using Chakras to Heal Your Relationship with Money

“Leisa’s presentations are very clearly articulate and provide a deep understanding of the topics being presented. I’d highly recommend Leisa for any presentation she plans to offer.”

~Andy Hill, Director-For Goodness Sake, Truckee, CA

“Leisa spoke to a diverse audience and hit the mark for everyone, having them all participate and leave with a message that resonates personally. Her unique perspective and engaging style will not disappoint.”

~Suzy Klass, CREW of Northern Nevada

Looking for a compelling podcast or radio show guest?

As a podcaster myself I understand that strong and prominent guests are essential to producing some really engaging content for your listeners. Take a listen to what David Ralph shares about interviewing me for his highly rated podcast, Join Up Dots (Episodes 349 and 505)


“Participating in Leisa’s “How to Create Abundance” workshop at the Good Life Project camp this year was a game changer for me in shifting my focus away from money and more towards mindset. Too frequently, we get caught in the cycles of trying to do everything on our own rather than building connection and community and working within the structures of abundance that already surround us. Leisa will inspire you to quiet your mind and restlessness so that you can reconnect with your heart and purpose.”

~Charles Gupton

“We recently had the pleasure to have Leisa deliver her presentation, The Top 7 Ways Coaches Sabotage Their Financial Success (and How to Stop them) to the our statewide ICF Michigan chapter. Undoubtedly, Leisa’s presentation was one of the most outstanding in our three years of providing monthly tele-class programs to our professional coaches. Her real life experiences and powerful stories supported by clear actions we can take to move ourselves forward and further our financial mindsets and results were just incredible. I highly recommend Leisa to any organization seeking a very special speaker who instantly clicks with her audience. Her authenticity shines through to make the learning experience truly memorable. OUTSTANDING!”

~Rebecca Kraus, 2015 International Coaching Federation Michigan President

“I have never had the pleasure of working with someone as talented and completely in tune with others as Leisa Peterson. She came in and delivered some content for attendees at a retreat I hosted in Sedona and her impact was widely felt. Leisa’s ability to facilitate transformative work in the area of money, mindset and energy are awe-inspiring. She IS the mindful millionaire and is helping other people follow in her footsteps.  

When I first met Leisa, there was a noticeable energetic quality about her. I would call it a peaceful feeling that only comes when you are 100% aligned with your passion and purpose. This is Leisa to a T. She has a unique gifting of helping people push through real and imagined barriers, yet doing it in a caring, compassionate and intensely impactful way. I know because she’s helped me do the same.  

If you’re looking for closure on long-held, outdated, and non-supportive ways of thinking about money, business and life, Leisa is the expert to help guide you to the other side. She’s helped thousands of people just like you and I’m confident she’ll help hundreds of thousands more. Don’t just consider working with Leisa, commit to it and know that real results are close behind!”

~Adam Carroll, CEO, National Financial Educators, 2-Time TED talk speaker, Creator of Broke, Busted & Disgusted Documentary, Author of Winning The Money Game and Mastery Of Money for Students


Bios for Leisa

Leisa Peterson, CFP® is a coach, author, business growth strategist and founder of WealthClinic. She helps people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true value and creating financial security for themselves.

Leisa shows you how to identify where you’re stuck and repeating negative patterns so you can break free of limitation and build wealth by creating a business the fulfills your fullest potential.

Leisa Peterson is a Sedona-based author, business growth strategist, money expert, mindset coach and podcaster.  She is an internationally recognized authority on bridging the gap between financial freedom and human potential. 

Leisa has a unique ability to draw from many fields of study to create a synthesis of knowledge that helps people understand scarcity and prosperity in profoundly affecting ways. She’s had the great fortune of witnessing 1,000’s of money breakthroughs and financial healings as a result of the process she explores in her book, The Mindful Millionaire.

Leisa Peterson, CFP® is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true value and thriving financially.

As a business growth strategist, money coach and mindset teacher, Leisa host’s the Mindful Millionaire podcast as well as virtual workshops and life-transforming retreats.

Leisa has over 17 years of coaching and financial advisory experience. She teaches coaches and entrepreneurs around the world to get clients and grow their businesses through online courses, coaching programs, and communities. She’s passionate about teaching business owners the skills they need to grow their practices, and help others succeed.

Noted in Forbes as one of 10 Women Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing, Leisa has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, The Week, Huffington Post and has been featured on many podcasts and radio shows.

A longer bio...

Leisa Peterson is a coach, author, business growth strategist, mindset teacher and podcaster who inspires and influences people around the world to create a life of abundance.

Before creating WealthClinic, Leisa spent 25 years working in personal finance and real estate development, while engaging in mindfulness practices, meditations, and instruction in her personal time. She inspired a connection between her experiences with mindfulness and her finance expertise, and chose to leave her role as a CFP®/Financial Advisor to create a business she was truly passionate about. She now coaches people towards creating abundant lives. She blends practical financial insights with spiritual and mindfulness practices to help clients break free from lack and scarcity, in order to discover their wholeness. These practices focus on identification and release of self-defeating money fears and limiting beliefs.

Leisa’s podcast has over 250 episodes covering money, abundance, and entrepreneurship, in which she connects and interviews like-minded influential leaders.

Leisa is the self-published author of seven short feature ebooks as well, with step-by-step guides to break free of money blocks, and master the inner game of wealth. After several years dedicated to research and development, Leisa recently completed her first full-length book, The Mindful Millionaire (pub. St Martins Press/June 16, 2020), which features the eight step process and exercises for creating financial wellness in one’s life.

Leisa lives in Sedona, Arizona, with her husband and college sweetheart Tim, and her 14 year old son. She also has a daughter, who just graduated from college (debt-free!). Tim and Leisa also run an Airbnb and commercial real estate business in Sedona, AZ

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“Leisa Peterson’s Abundance class at Camp Good Life Project was exactly the turning point I needed to begin to look at my relationship with money in a whole new light. She helped me see where I had gotten stuck – and why – and taught me to make the shift toward a healthier relationship with money.”

~Jen Singer, Writing Coach

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