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AALP 248 – How to Improve Company Culture With Jenny Joy

company culture


How to Improve Company Culture With Jenny Joy

This week’s guest is Jenny Joy. Jenny Joy is the owner of Ruby Red Cleaning, a residential cleaning service based in downtown Orlando. As you’ll hear in this episode of the podcast, Jenny started her company out of necessity after leaving her marriage and only having $30 to her name. She knew she could clean houses and make money immediately so in a humble moment of need, she got down to work and started Ruby Red Cleaning. One of the things I admire the most about Jenny is the company culture she has been able to create and you’ll get to hear how she did it in this episode. 


During our conversation you will learn:

-The importance of having boundaries

-The difference between personal relationships and work relationships

-How knowing your values can change the hiring process for a company

-How to be a leader while still feeling like yourself

-The two types of customers you have as a business owner


You can find more information about Jenny Joy and Ruby Red Cleaning on their website




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