AALP 206 – Tips for Better Self Care with Theresa Fowler

Today’s conversation is with my good friend, Theresa Fowler who has written two books oriented to self-love and taking better care of yourself.  During our conversation, she shares some helpful tips to that she uses in her daily life that have helped her go through tremendous changes over the past 10 years.  Theresa and I also talk about how to take good care of yourself when that is the opposite of what you’re wanting to do — instead how can you turn things around when you’re feeling down and more inclined to give yourself a hard time.

AALP 205 – Mindful Money with Jonathan DeYoe

Today’s guest is Jonathan K. DeYoe who is a California-based financial adviser and a longtime Buddhist. By listening in, you’ll learn: -The 3 critical decisions Jonathan had to make to get his life back on track. -The connection between happiness and money. -Considerations for anyone looking to work with a financial advisor. -How to create more peace of mind when it comes to money and investing.

AALP 204 – Legal-Ease and the Chakras with Lisa Fraley

Excited to introduce you to my new friend Lisa Fraley!  We both share a passion for using the chakra system to help you with your business and finances.  Today you can listen to us talk about the chakras and how Lisa uses them to help 1,000’s of business owners improve their effectiveness with better legal protection.  Her methods are quite fascinating and I know you’re going to be really glad you listened to this conversation.  I can’t wait to hear what you takeaway from it!

AALP 201 – Intentional Parenting with Heather Chauvin

Today’s guest is Heather Chauvin who has been named the next generation’s thought leader in parenting and women’s leadership.  She is the host of the Mom is In Control podcast and runs the Mom is In Control Mastery Program.  Heather and I sit down to chat about money, abundance, worthiness and parenting. (Yes, we are really good at covering a whole lot of topics without missing a beat.)  

AALP 199 – Divine Guidance with Nanci Danison

Today’s conversation is going to fill you with new thoughts and understandings.  Before retiring, Nanci Danison was a practicing health lawyer and former litigator for 36 years, first with a prestigious, Midwestern 270-attorney regional law firm, and then as a solo practitioner.  After going through an extensive afterlife experience, which follower her death in 1994, she began to devote her time disseminating the spiritual information.

AALP 197 – Retire Early with Deacon Hayes

Excited to share my interview with Deacon Hayes, the CEO and founder of www.wellkeptwallet.com – WellKeptWallet is a personal finance site dedicated to helping people make money, save money and pay off debt. He has been a contributor for the US News & World Report, Investopedia, Clark Howard and more. During today’s conversation you’ll learn the guiding principles that motivated Deacon and his wife to pay off debt and take back control of their lives.  You’ll also learn tips that Deacon has applied to growing his business and reaching the level of success that allowed his wife to recently quit her teaching job to stay at home with the kids!  

AALP 196 – 2018 Astrology Predictions with Divine Harmony

Super excited to introduce you to Divine Harmony today as we share a discussion about working through our shadows and why that matters with what’s happening in the planetary system right now.  I wanted to hear her thoughts about how we can use these shifts and changes to improve our lives, businesses and relationships.  Bringing into your awareness the many levels of life, including the darkness and the lightness is a speciality that Harmony has spent many years perfecting and gives tremendous insight about during this conversation.