AALP 211 – Socially Responsible Investing with Peter Krull

Today’s conversation is with Pete Krull who is a financial advisor specializing in socially and environmentally responsible investing.  We both share the important of being mindful about how you invest your money and during this conversation we discuss ways you can take that extra due diligence step and work to align your investments with your core values and beliefs.

During our conversation, you’ll learn:

-How Pete created his dream business after leaving the regular world of financial advising,

-Why’s and How’s to ensure your investing approach matches your values,

-Things to know when it comes to socially responsible investing,

-What a “B-corp” is and why Pete made the decision to become one, and much more!


Pete Krull is the CEO & Director of Investments at Earth Equity Advisors in Asheville, NC. The firm that Pete founded in 2004 is a leader in socially and environmentally responsible investing – they help their clients align their investments with their values. Pete was selected as a member of the 2018 Investopedia 100 list of the 100 most influential financial advisors in America. Earth Equity advisors is a Certified B Corp and has received the Best for the World designation for three straight years. The firm manages about $80 million for clients in 22 states and works with individuals, trusts, retirement plans, non-profits and institutions. In addition to their own clients, Earth Equity Portfolios are offered on the TCA by E*Trade and Folio Institutional SMA platforms.



To learn more about Earth Equity Advisors, Click here 

Pete’s personal blog can be found here:  www.intentionalassets.com


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