AALP 187 – Catalyst of the Soul with Lisa Love

Today, I’m interviewing Lisa Love who is a forever student of the subtle realms of energy, nature, spirit, and psyche — another way of saying she’s a Catalyst of the Soul.  We’re talking about her own journey through the trials of life, money and relationships — I think you’ll really enjoy the poignancy of what we’re both sharing.  Lisa is quite magical in her ability to get real and allow the feelings to flow – my sense is that, by listening in, you’ll feel the same way I did and find yourself wanting to reveal aspects of yourself that you didn’t even know were hidden inside!

Lisa was deeply devoted to her Spiritual life at a young age. She was often found meditating in the woods connecting to Divine Source through the pathway of Nature. She has been referred to as “bridging two worlds”, the worlds of the mystical and the material. What brings Lisa the greatest joy is to be of service to those who are ready to walk down the path of their Personal and Spiritual Evolution.

To learn more about Lisa go to:  http://soul-nature.com

To get access to the meditation that Lisa created for my audience, go to:  www.soul-nature.com/artofabundance


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