AALP 099 – Journal Your Way to Abundance with Kim Ades

My guest today, Kim Ades of Frame of Mind Coaching is an expert on the topic of journaling for greater levels of self-realization.  Kim incorporated journaling into her coaching practice when she was first getting started and it has become one the most important aspects of her coaching methods ever since.  During our conversation, Kim shares:

  • Why journaling is a Game Changer for understanding yourself.
  • How this approach drastically changed the client and coach relationship and why coaches are really missing out when they don’t use it in their business.
  • What it means to “Siphon” off your abundance and how common it happens.
  • Easy access options for any coach to quickly implement journaling into their practice.

Kim and I really the opportunity to get together because of how much each of us take away from our conversations and now you get to see just why we’ve become good friends as a result of our interviews that started with this podcast.  Don’t miss our previous conversation at episode 063 – https://www.wealthclinic.com/aomw-063-journaling-into-business-success-with-kim-ades/  Kim headshot


You can learn more about Kim’s company, Frame of Mind Coaching by going here.

You can learn more about Journal Engine here.


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