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A New Paradigm for Financial Planning

financial planning



A New Paradigm for Financial Planning 

It’s no wonder you’re feeling some level of frustration about money… 

There’s a gaping hole (the size of the Grand Canyon) when it comes to how we approach money in the world. 

Treating it like a commodity when, in reality, money is a currency.

The currency of our cultural life blood. 

It goes even deeper than that… 

Your relationship with money is a mirror image of what’s happening inside of you.

When you get in touch with who you really are and your own worth you become better able to shift the decision you make about money and from there your problems with money start to fix themselves. 

That’s because feelings of not being good enough lead to limited thinking rather than abundant thinking. So when you doubt your own “enoughness” you’ll do whatever you can to feel better. 

For many, this includes devoting your entire life to the pursuit of money rather than the pursuit of joy. 

For others, this includes perpetual self-sabotage with money which reinforces a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness.

The solution comes down to changing who you know yourself to be which goes way beyond the money. 

The transformation begins with learning how to feel like a million bucks no matter how much you have in the bank which then transfers into your experiences with money. 

From there, you realize your own potential to create whatever you want in life, including becoming a mindful millionaire if that’s important to you.

It’s about realizing that not only are you the creator of the life you really want to be living, you (and not your money) are the foundation of life itself. 

The Mindful Millionaire teaches you how to not only think about these ideas but integrate them deeply into your life, your relationships AND your money so you live with greater joy, peace and freedom.

I hope you join me for this incredible journey. It’s very likely to change your life forever.



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