AALP 210 – Empowering Your Relationships with Tracy Crossley

I am excited to share my latest interview about empowering your relationships with Tracy Crossley. Tracy is a Behavioral Relationship Expert and Pattern Buster whose work centers on emotional connection—with ourselves and others.  She helps people get out of their head to uncover the belief system that drives their behavior, then guides them through emotionally-driven actions to break the patterns that keep them stuck.

The Throat Chakra and Geneen Roth’s Money Story

When I first came across Geneen Roths’s book, Lost and Found, I was attracted to her ability to dive deep into a discussion about money shame.  I studied the book and gave it to friends and clients for several years.  It was a great way to gain insight into what happens in our relationship with money from a woman who had looked deeply into her own relationship with money, including discussion about her parents and her experiences with money growing up.  She was willing to examine this relationship far beyond what most people are willing to do…