AALP 207 – Akashic Records and Money with Jennifer Longmore

Today’s guest is Jennifer Longmore – a long time teacher of Akashic records and considered to be North America’s soul purpose expert. During our conversation you’ll learn:
-How akashic records can help you better understand your relationship with money
-Why it helps you to know the vows you took before this lifetime
-Why creating awareness around your pricing can help you earn more money

AALP 206 – Tips for Better Self Care with Theresa Fowler

Today’s conversation is with my good friend, Theresa Fowler who has written two books oriented to self-love and taking better care of yourself.  During our conversation, she shares some helpful tips to that she uses in her daily life that have helped her go through tremendous changes over the past 10 years.  Theresa and I also talk about how to take good care of yourself when that is the opposite of what you’re wanting to do — instead how can you turn things around when you’re feeling down and more inclined to give yourself a hard time.