AALP 201 – Intentional Parenting with Heather Chauvin

Today’s guest is Heather Chauvin who has been named the next generation’s thought leader in parenting and women’s leadership.  She is the host of the Mom is In Control podcast and runs the Mom is In Control Mastery Program.  Heather and I sit down to chat about money, abundance, worthiness and parenting. (Yes, we are really good at covering a whole lot of topics without missing a beat.)  

7 Ways to Dig Out of Debt

When your finances are crushed under a mountain of debt, you may have trouble finding a way to dig yourself out. One helpful technique is to learn from strategies that have worked for other people — so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and so you can hit the ground running when you decide to transform your finances. I’ve assembled a list of 7 powerful personal stories shared by people in the FinCon (financial blogger) community and what they did to pay off massive amounts of debt in relatively short periods of time.

AALP 199 – Divine Guidance with Nanci Danison

Today’s conversation is going to fill you with new thoughts and understandings.  Before retiring, Nanci Danison was a practicing health lawyer and former litigator for 36 years, first with a prestigious, Midwestern 270-attorney regional law firm, and then as a solo practitioner.  After going through an extensive afterlife experience, which follower her death in 1994, she began to devote her time disseminating the spiritual information.