AALP 197 – Retire Early with Deacon Hayes

Excited to share my interview with Deacon Hayes, the CEO and founder of www.wellkeptwallet.com – WellKeptWallet is a personal finance site dedicated to helping people make money, save money and pay off debt. He has been a contributor for the US News & World Report, Investopedia, Clark Howard and more. During today’s conversation you’ll learn the guiding principles that motivated Deacon and his wife to pay off debt and take back control of their lives.  You’ll also learn tips that Deacon has applied to growing his business and reaching the level of success that allowed his wife to recently quit her teaching job to stay at home with the kids!  

AALP 196 – 2018 Astrology Predictions with Divine Harmony

Super excited to introduce you to Divine Harmony today as we share a discussion about working through our shadows and why that matters with what’s happening in the planetary system right now.  I wanted to hear her thoughts about how we can use these shifts and changes to improve our lives, businesses and relationships.  Bringing into your awareness the many levels of life, including the darkness and the lightness is a speciality that Harmony has spent many years perfecting and gives tremendous insight about during this conversation.  

AALP 195 – Heal Your Money Story, Heal the World

Donella Mathews, an advocate for sustainability, once said, “Your paradigm is so intrinsic to your mental process that you are hardly aware of its existence until you try to communicate with someone with a different paradigm.”  Reading this quote causes me to think about what it feels like to be living inside of our money stories.

Over the years I’ve come to see how when we are living inside of our warped money stories (including the one that has to do with monetary scarcity), we are unable to engage in life the way we think we are.

AALP 194 – Networking for Introverts with Sarah Santacroce

For those you who are like me and consider yourself more of an introvert than an extrovert… Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to network than going to in person functions?  I sure have as they are something I’ve had to work hard to get myself to attend up until this conversation with Sarah Santacroce.  Sarah, too, considers herself as an introvert and she’s even created a podcast about this way of being called, The Introvert Biz Growth Podcast.  

AALP 193 – Creating Applause with Michelle Barry Franco

Michelle Barry Franco is my guest today — she’s sharing about how she learned to make a big impact through speaking starting in high school as a speaker for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and later for sex protection in college (during times of AIDS epidemic).  Michelle’s new book, Beyond Applause is wonderful to read and I find myself returning to again and again because of how useful it is way beyond even speaking.  Michelle’s insight comes through in this conversation and I know you will love hearing about ways to serve through speaking.