AALP 178 – A New Atlantis

Nearly two decades ago I set out to explore what it really takes to create a life you love.  Eventually inviting others to join in the “experiment” by attending my meditation classes, mentorship, retreats, masterminds, and financially focused workshops while testing how it would translate into the lives of others.  Along the way learning the how’s, why’s and what’s for unearthing one’s potential to live a spiritually vibrant and financially prosperous life.  The pathway has been filled with unexpected twists and turns and cannot be found in any one book or …

AALP 177 – Money Breakthrough with Jim Mondry

Today is the second episode in a series about Money Breakthroughs — my intention was to show you what happens behind the scenes when I help entrepreneurs move through their money blocks. This session introduces you to Jim Mondry who is a coach and apple orchard farmer.  Jim is part of my Infinite Abundance program and he volunteered to come on the show to explore what prevents him from having the financial success he knows he is ready to experience.

AALP 176 – Money Breakthrough with Clara Mosha

Today is the first of a several part series where I am showing you examples of what happens behind the scenes when I work with entrepreneurs on their money blocks.  The first session is about one hour in length and takes place with Clara Mosha who is wanting to explore and unleash her financial powers so that she can increase her earnings.  During the session, Clara talks about what her life has been like while struggling with money and how ready she is for change going forward.

AALP 174 – Fueling Your Body with Amanda Walker

Today I am sharing my conversation with my friend and client Amanda Walker. Amanda is a nutrition and lifestyle coach who helps people transform their relationship with food and gain confidence, self-respect and food awareness along the way.  Fusing her love of food, science, and the art of coaching she helps clients shift their nutritional mindset to become mindfully aware of how they fuel their body.