AALP 167 – Channeling Abundance with Lincoln Gergar – Part 1 of 5

Many of you know that I witnessed parts of a horrific shooting in Reno, Nevada in 2013.  What you likely don’t know is my story of healing from the aftermath of the trauma.  Today I am sharing Part 1 of a 5 part series with Lincoln Gergar.  Lincoln teaches about spiritual understanding and higher self realizations through his YouTube channel, Channel Higher Self — after the shooting I found myself drawn to his videos about PTSD to help me process through and eventually heal from the trauma I experienced.

AALP 165 – Being Thoughtfully Prepared for the Inevitable with Jon Braddock

Today’s guest is Jon Braddock, CEO of My Life and Wishes, an education and digital planning platform with a mission to help at ten million families become “thoughtfully prepared” for the inevitable, their own death. End-of-Life planning is critical, yet most people put it off and rarely discuss it with their family. Not too long ago, life was less complicated and everything family needed to settle estates was in a few file boxes, people could put it off without serious consequences. These times call for solutions that fit our technology oriented lives and My Life and Wishes gives you a great solution to the idea of “taking care of your affairs.”

AALP 163 – Podcasting on Fire with John Lee Dumas

In today’s episode I am interviewing John Lee Dumas of EO on Fire and he is literally “on fire” with his abundant energy, personality, and incredible resources for entrepreneurs, podcasters, and goal-achievers. You will seriously love this interview! John is making millions of dollars podcasting and teaching others how to do so as well. His website Entrepreneurs on Fire is loaded with resources that you will want to check out right away.