Even Daymond John (SharkTank) Goes Through His WealthFlower Everyday

I recently attended an event where Daymond John from the Shark Tank TV show gave a keynote to a small gathering of entrepreneurs.  He mesmerized us by using music, sounds and storytelling to share his journey through hardship and challenge to get to where he is now. Through his actions he inspired me to rethink the art of presentation and the power of storytelling.  After his talk I got to ask him questions and there were two big takeaways I wanted to share with you…

AALP 145 – Releasing Money Trauma in the Body with Lori Zeltwanger

Today’s guest is my friend Lori Zeltwanger. Lori is a Myofascial Release Therapist in Sedona, AZ. In this episode we discuss how stress creates restrictions in our bodies and how these restrictions create pain and stiffness.   As a longtime physical therapist and healing practitioner, Lori has tremendous insight into the ways we hold onto pain and the practices that can be used to release it.