AALP 122 – Building a Business on Your Strengths with Tara Gentile

My inspiring guest today is Tara Gentile, the founder of Quiet Power Strategy. Over the past eight years, Tara has grown a successful company by focusing on her strengths and letting go of the rest. One of the first things she told me when we got on the call was that she has “zero desire to be everything to everyone.” Which is something I totally needed to hear (thank you Tara!)

AALP 121 – Writing to Heal with Tom Bird

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book then you are in for a BIG treat! Today I am joined by best-selling author Tom Bird who has been guiding me through the process of writing two books this past year. Through his unique spiritual approach, Tom leads hundreds of would-be authors to complete the writing of their books in a weekend. In the past two and a half years alone, sixty-two of those authors found homes on Amazon Best Seller lists.