Solutions for Dealing with Difficult Times – A Channeled Message

Through my own journey with fear and the process of awakening to one’s intuitive gifts, I’ve learned to identify pain, suffering and fear as magic carpets that lead me directly to other’s limiting beliefs. Once discovered the process of eliminating them is actually not all that difficult. I’ve come to see how the true mastery is in the process of finding and then bringing them to others attention so they can be released. This is because limiting beliefs are so sneaky that we think the problems are in the other people “out there” and not within ourselves which keeps them hidden from our view.

AALP 120 – Breaking Free of Scarcity Beliefs

Ever had the thought that you cannot make money following your passion? Of perhaps you are an artist or creative person who subscribes to the belief that most artists struggle financially. I’ve found this belief to be quite common — not just for creatives but for those of us who are bringing our spiritual discoveries into the world. The good news is that none of those beliefs are really true — there are plenty of people who thrive financially when following their passion. However, if you retain beliefs that keep you thinking about the struggle, it becomes difficult to break through to the success you know in your heart you are destined to fulfill. Today’s conversation brings you into my world of helping people break free of their limiting beliefs especially when it comes to financial and business topics.

9 Questions to Ask Before Buying Another Course (or Investing Time into a Project)

As a business and money coach, my clients often tell me how they find themselves investing in things that don’t turn out the way they wanted. Either because they don’t end up doing or completing a course they paid for, they invest in something that wasn’t a good fit for them or they agree to take part in projects that don’t end up meeting their expectations. This can lead to feelings of frustration and lack of confidence in our role as entrepreneurs.

AALP 119 – Smart Money Creates Opportunity with Jessica Moorhouse

My guest today is a millennial financial expert and I think you are going to be excited to learn what she is sharing with us. By learning how to manage her own money well, Jessica parlayed her skills into a side hustle business and podcast that allowed her to become a finance expert featured in The Mail, Huffington Post and LifeHacker. During our conversation, Jessica shares how she was able to leave her full-time gig recently to focus exclusively on building her business.