5 Steps to Creating a Successful Mindfulness Practice

As a longtime meditator, I often counsel my clients, friends and family about ways to start and improve their meditation practice. Many people want to know the basics including the how’s, why’s and when’s about meditation and they also want to know if there is an easier way to do it. Even after teaching people how to do it for more than a decade, I still wonder if I am qualified to answer the questions that come up.

AALP 117 – The Power of Choice with Georgiana Kovell and Deanna Lyons

Today’s podcast is a conversation between two of my clients who are both coaches — Deanna Lyons and Georgiana Kovell. We share what happens when we move into living a life of choice — how it affects our relationships, our business and our overall well-being. Both Deanna and Georgiana attended a retreat I hosted last summer in Sedona and they share some of the realizations that took them by surprise while attending the retreat. If you are engaged in a transformational journey, then I think you will enjoy this discussion and walk away with some new ideas about making more choices in your own life.

AALP 116 – Living Out Loud with Megan Arneson and Georgiana Kovell

Today I invited two of the women I have been coaching this past year to have a conversation with me about what it means to be living from a place of choice and empowerment. The conversation that came together was fun and enlightening and explores what happens to a person who steps into her power of choice, decision and living to her fullest expression beyond shame, guilt and unworthiness. I know you will enjoy listening to Megan Arneson and Georgiana Kovell as they walk you through some of their experiences of building their coaching practices over the past year.

AALP 114 – Being Fully Seen with Kathleen Audet

My guest today is Kathleen Audet. Kathleen is a personal image coach and owner of Your Authentic Image. I’ve been a beneficiary of her amazing skills as Kathleen helped me to create my own personal style a few years ago. Working with her was a completely transformative process and today we talk about the stuff that gets stored inside our closet, literally and figuratively. And what can be done to clean things out so you are portraying your real self to the world.

AALP 113 – Panic No More with Justin Stenstrom

My guest today, Justin Stenstrom hasn’t always been such a successful entrepreneur with a life coaching business and as founder of EliteManMagazine.Com. For many years he was shy, depressed and suffering from panic attacks on a somewhat regular basis. Eventually he overcame those attacks and started creating the life of his dreams. During this conversation, Leisa and Justin discuss what he learned along his journey.

AALP 112 – Spiritual Awakenings with Isabella Allard and Leisa Peterson

This is a first! I was approached by the lovely Isabella Allard to be on her new podcast and I ended up learning so much through my conversation that I asked to be able to repurpose it here. Because of her own spiritual awakenings, Isabella is able to transmit and transmute at a deep level through this conversation and as a result we all get to benefit from what transpired.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and then feel into the experience, allowing it to do its magic on your soul. While it may appear to the mind that Isabella is interviewing me, in truth she is interview each of us to step into our own natural brilliance — so be sure to open yourself to this possibility as you listen in.