Living in the Present Moment – An Essay By Zoe Peterson

My daughter, Zoe who attends Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently wrote this essay about Thoreau and living in the present moment. It touched me deeply as I had no idea how much my own journey to finding peace would affect her. As parents, my husband and I do the best we can and then try not to give ourselves a hard time when we fall short. This essay gives me hope that even when we can count all the mistakes we’ve made that something far bigger than we can imagine is actually taking place. I’d love to hear what you think about parenting and teaching kids about the things that matter most to you – feel free to share them in the comments…. XOXO, Leisa

AALP 110 – Bringing Your A Game with Todd Herman

Todd could have easily kept what he learned about peak performance while working with professional and olympic athletes and only made it available to his high paying clients but instead he created a program that helps all of us operate at our peak potential.

During this dynamic conversation, Todd shares:

The difference between entrepreneurs who are going to be successful and those that aren’t.
The mental skills that will always make the biggest impact in the success of your business.
The mindset behind creating win/win partnerships.
Why the 90 Day Year program has a way of bringing all your mental garbage to the forefront to be dealt with (and why that is going to help you become more successful).

A Growing Business that Still Isn’t Profitable? Then Consider This…

I wanted to share with you a story about my friend, Celeste. She totally had me fooled. From the outside Celeste was living the life that most people aspire to. She has a growing business with tens of thousands of followers, is regularly being interviewed by podcasters and radio shows, and recently launched a new book. She’s great at coaching her health and wellness clients and they see big transformations as a result of working with her. It has taken her several years to get to this level and she’s excited about the future.

Growth Hacks So You Can Grow Your Business Like Crazy

Attracting clients to a new business is not always easy. When you start out, you’re usually trying a lot of different things. Blogging, writing, speaking, podcasting and the list goes on. When I started out I wanted to build a strong foundation for my business so that people could find me in many different ways. The goal that by the time someone had found me or consumed some of my work, they know if I’m a good fit for them. There’s no confusion. People either like my style or they don’t! I’m sending out a lot of information up front so that people can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to work with me. That said, there are other ways to grow a business. There are five routes to growing your business like crazy. Today I’m going to take you through each of them….

AALP 109 – Artificial Intelligence Investing with Cindy Zu

Investors would all love to have a crystal ball that helps them predict whether or not a stock is going to do well. My guest today is Cindy Zu from Kavout a company using machine learning to help investors better make investment decisions. I thought you’d love to learn how it works and how much it costs and how you can use this solution right away to check out how Kavout rates your favorite stocks for FREE!

AALP 107 – Creating Fun Money Conversations with Joe Saul-Sehy of Stacking Benjamins

Joe, who is not known for holding back his thoughts, is going to blow your mind at how much he shares including how he got started, the power of failure, and the strategy he used to take his podcast to the top of the charts — In fact just a few days before this podcast was recorded Joe found out that Stacking Benjamins was named the number #1 Personal Finance Podcast by Kiplinger’s — WAY TO GO, Joe!!!.

AALP 106 – Get More Time in Your Life with Mike Vardy

I heard Mike Vardy speak at the World Domination Summit in August, a worldwide gathering of remarkable people that filled my heart and head up with new ideas. Mike gave a wonderful talk about becoming more productive in your business and personal life through the use of tools, tips and strategies. Mike is a writer, speaker, podcaster and founder of Productivityist.
As a productivityist, Mike enjoys studying the tools and habits of productivity, and he looks at the world differently because of it.

AALP 105 – Financial Conversations with Chonce, Erin and Kayla

This year I had the opportunity to meet three financial ‘heros’ and I invited them to join me on the podcast to see what financial wisdom we could share with you. Each of these women started blogging to share their experiences with paying down debt and bringing greater mindfulness into their relationship with money which led to their meeting at FinCon and starting a podcast together. During our conversation we talk about: the courage it takes to start a blog and share personal facts about yourself with the world, why your relationship with money is so important, and how they’ve found peace in having financial conversations with each other and the world!