The Call of Sedona and Personal Retreats

Being here is like moving through a dream. You look out and see these majestic rocks. You feel the warmth of the air and the skies that go on forever. The sights, the ease, the energy, the beauty. It feels as if the land is communicating with you 24 x 7. Telling you how wonderful it is to be alive. How precious every moment is. How fortunate you are to be living in the world right now, even when it appears to be so disrupted. Showering messages of how much you are loved and supported.

AOMW 089 – How to Become a Twitter Genius with Bruce Van Horn

I finally convinced my friend, Bruce Van Horn to talk Twitter with me. I’m not kidding… I have asked him to at least a gazillion times but never got anywhere… that is until NOW! Which is why I am so happy to share our podcast conversation about how he built his Twitter followers to over 435,000 people. During our chat, Bruce shares what he’s learned over the past few years of building his following, why it is so important to craft your Twitter persona carefully when you first start out and the fascinating people he continues to meet along his journey (like me!).