AOMW 075 – Creating Your Dream Life with Bruce Van Horn

Bruce Van Horn is BACK! It’s been a while since Bruce and I did a show together and it felt like the perfect time to bring him back and learn what he has been up to. It turns out he has a very interesting new project starting up next week. I also wanted to hear about his recent podcast interview with Serena Dyer (Wayne Dyer’s daughter) as I had seen her and Wayne speak in person a few years ago and knew how very special she is.

AOMW 074 – Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life with Karen Norris

Excited to share a powerful and insightful conversation I had recently with my friend and coaching client, Karen Norris.

Karen is a commercial real estate agent in the Reno, NV/Lake Tahoe/Truckee, CA area. We’ve been working together this past year as Karen’s been building a truly exceptional and thriving business in a compassionate, empathetic and caring way.

AOMW 071 – Resilient Investing with Michael Kramer

What’s even more amazing is that Michael is living his dream (in Hawaii!) as a financial advisor focused on sustainable investing which fits perfectly with the kinds of topics I like to share with you. Michael is a financial advisor with Natural Investments, LLC and recently co-wrote a book titled, The Resilient Investor and I knew you would find Michael’s story about how he came into natural investing inspiring.

AOMW 070 – Self-Discovery and Life Insurance with John Hutchinson

Working as a financial advisor I saw firsthand what happens when families don’t plan for the unexpected and since then I’ve encouraged people to find solid solutions for their life insurance needs. When I met John “Hutch” Hutchinson recently at an Infusionsoft conference and found out that he shows entrepreneurs how to build their own tax-exempt bank using life insurance AND he enjoys attending personal development retreats, I knew…

AOMW 069 – Socially Responsible Investing with Bill Holliday

When I became a financial advisor, I got really interested in socially responsible investing and was disappointed to see that very few people were as interested as I was. I think because many people think you are going to get lower returns when it comes to investing with your heart and your mind but the good news is that it is a fallacy that you cannot do very well when you invest this way. Plus is it not priceless to care about the world we are leaving to future generations?