AOMW 052 – Affordable Retirement Plans for Small Biz with Chad Parks

Chad and I had a great time discussing how he built his company and the HUGE decision he made to take a long sabbatical in the middle of growing the company. Hearing how he now credits that decision as one of his best life decisions was deeply inspiring. You’ll also learn about what happens when you get inspired to film a documentary without any experience having done that before!

AOMW 051 – Inspiring Women to Become Financially Empowered with Barbara Stanny

Barbara Stanny is on a mission – to inspire women to become financially empowered. Her eye-opening presentations convey an encouraging message: when you take charge of your money, you take control of your life. And it’s so much simpler than most people realize. As an author, speaker and money coach, Barbara has been helping women around the world with improving their relationship with money.

AOMW 050 – What Retirement Really Looks Like with Robert Laura

During our conversation, Robert shares his in depth knowledge of what retirement really looks like and what he refers to as the dark side of it that people don’t often plan for. In addition to talking about how small changes in your planning can make a substantial difference in your quality of life, he also talks about how retirement isn’t so much about the money but by living the life you want to be remembered by.

AOMW 049 – Building Blocks to Business with Lisa Larter

After quitting high school, Lisa Larter, driven by sheer determination, became a self taught sales guru. She worked her way up the Corporate ladder from retail sales associate to a senior leadership role with TELUS where she supported a retail team, coast to coast in Canada and was responsible for about $100 million in sales. In 2006, her entrepreneurial spirit was itching to take over, and along with her husband, opened Parlez Wireless. Soon after she realized she had so much more to offer, she expanded her business to include Lisa Larter Consulting.