27 Ways to Overcome Your Money Fears

You will notice that getting more money isn’t on the list – not because it isn’t helpful but I’ve found when you are afflicted with a bad case of money fears, more money just covers up the fears and doesn’t make them go away. Scarcity mindset is a severe problem in our society and most people have it at some level. When you start to acknowledge a problem like this you begin the healing process naturally and organically.

Improving My Relationship with Money (Part 3)

For instance, she said one of the biggest mistakes we make is we don’t charge enough for our talents. Or worse – we give them away! She says this happens to a lot of people. It’s probably because we think it’s so fun we don’t need payment. HELLO! You have talent that can bring you money; charge a fair amount for it! It makes perfect sense, but I too have given away my greatest skills for free. No more.

Relationship with Money 101

Keep in mind, my money situation is not bad. I’m not greatly struggling in any particular area. However, when someone talks about money, I suddenly become aware of my strong emotions about money. Sometimes I think those emotions are too powerful. Maybe something is not quite right with me. Similar to The Force in Star Wars, money can be used for good… or evil. (That’s my only Star Wars reference, I promise.)