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You’ve likely tried many ways to feel better about money, and yourself for that matter, but sooner or later all roads bring you back to feeling a sense of lack.

The difference now is you’re ready for a massive shift and you’re not going to stop until you find it.

That’s perfect because what you’re about to discover can change your life forever. It’s cutting edge and very few people have the courage to go the distance. Not because it’s too difficult to overcome but because it requires you to drop away a lack-based narrative you’ve become attached to. The one that tells you that you are not enough. 

Which is why letting go isn’t for the faint of heart as the conditioning runs deep.  Yet once you do, nothing will be the same.  


Let’s face it, deep inside your True Self is calling.


Learning how to transform your relationship with money is the perfect gateway to reconnect with your True Self because money is wrapped up in feelings of self-worth. By learning to change how you feel about money, you learn how to change how you feel about yourself.   

Working with Leisa can help you stop the judging and reframe what’s happening inside your money psyche so you can harmonize your heart, reconcile your wholeness and, ultimately, become holistically successful.

From there, you become more centered and balanced which inspires you to create more of what is most important to you.

Allow Leisa to become your support system as you navigate this life-affirming process.


Noted in Forbes as one of 10 Women Who Are Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing, Leisa helps people break free of scarcity patterns so they can make better financial decisions, become cash comfortable and experience true prosperity.

She wrote The Mindful Millionaire to help you drop away patterns of lack and limitation so you can unapologetically build wealth while fostering a prosperous (and gracious) approach to all of life. 

Chakra Abundance Activation

Activate your chakras so you can release scarcity, lack and limitation in all areas of your life. By becoming more aware of the core beliefs you hold about safety, feelings, power, love, trust, “enoughness” and prosperity, you’ll be unlocking new discoveries about the truth of who you are and what you are here to create from a place of abundance.

Infinite Abundance Program

A 28-day scarcity cleanse that’s designed to sweep away the chaos, awaken your abundance and breakthrough blocks to prosperity, and create an environment to manifest joy, freedom, and abundance.

Financially Free Program

A 21-day process designed to help you identify and release your limiting money beliefs and blocks and earn the exact process to break free of your patterns to come home to your truly prosperous self.

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The Mindful Millionaire

A revolutionary program for finding peace, joy and prosperity inside of your relationship with money.

“Leisa Peterson offers a graceful and highly useful weave of spiritual and financial tools. Without addressing the inner dimensions of money – thoughts, beliefs, cultural conditioning, trauma – you may have a million but still be miserable. Leisa offers a detailed and programmatic roadmap for integrating money and life.” 
~Vicki Robin, New York Times bestselling author of Your Money or Your Life

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